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At Labs Stat Institute we have a great deal to offer and hope you can find one of our services helpful to you. We have one of the best training programs in the state. We want you to be a part of our LSI family. Give us a call, email us by clicking on the contact icon, or sign up for one of our services today!

Phlebotomy Certification Training(classroom)

Our program lecture portion can be completed online, but you are required to obtain your clinical training hands on with us. Our phlebotomy training course is 6 weeks. If you pay a one-time payment in full the cost is $475 plus  $35 registration fee. If you choose the payment plan option, the down payment is $350 with a $200 remainder due in two weeks. The cost of the payment plan option is higher due to the $45 convenience fee.

Phlebotomy Refresher Course

The refresher course is for the individual familiar with phlebotomy,  but has been away from the field of phlebotomy for a while. This is where you will obtain all materials you need to know at an accelerated pace. You also will perform venipunctures to ensure you are ready and competent to be back in the field of phlebotomy. The cost of this course is $175 for this 1 day course. You will also receive bonus material to study on your own if you have plans on taking the National Certification Exam.

Venipuncture Course

This course is designed for my healthcare professionals that wants to add this to their skills in becoming an expert at finding and accessing veins. This one day course is invaluable to nurses or anyone that needs or wants to know how to be one of the best in healthcare on obtaining blood through venipuncture and knowing the best veins to choose for IV's.  One will also learn the order of draw and why it is important to draw labs in the correct order. The cost of this class is $85 and is approximately 3.5 hours in length.

Resume Service

This is one of the most important investments you will make. A great resume is vital in landing that career. One may have the skill level , but if you don't express that skill level in a way that employers know that you are one of the best, it gets overlooked. We will help build you that perfect resume to get you noticed and employed.  The cost for this service is $35.


Lab Stat Membership

This membership is one of the most valuable memberships you will ever invest in. This membership provides you with a personal phlebotomy coach. You have unlimited access to your coach for three months. You will be able to email or text your coach at anytime and they will give you the best advice for any situation you may encounter. Helping with interviews, job seeking, or situations at work. There is nothing to big or small.  The cost for this service is $59.99.



This service is for companies that has clients that may need for phlebotomist to come to their home, elderly care facility,  or physician's office to draw labs. This is a great option for medical offices trying to save money and get the most productivity from their budget. We can staff and help fill your short term and long term needs. We have experienced and professional phlebotomist ready for any task. Call to inquire about this option.

Certification Prep Material

This service is for students that need only the material to pass the National Certification Exam. The materials will be emailed to you within 24 hours after the verification of payment and you will have 48 hour access to email your personal coach about material you may not understand. The cost for this is $40.00

Leadership Readiness Course

This service is for someone who is looking to take on the leadership role. This course will enlighten you on what to expect in the role as a leader, what actions you need to take to become a leader, and how to get noticed to void out the competition for leadership competitiveness in the workplace. This service includes materials on how to gain respect in your new role, important issues to discuss in shift or department meetings, and how to get the staff that may not be performing up to par or participating in teamwork to step up and pull their weight. The information you will gain here will become invaluable to you. You will also have access to a personal coach to help guide you through situations. The cost for this service is $55.00.

Phlebotomy Certification Training (Hybrid) New

This course is for students who can't attend a traditional classroom setting. It combines classroom and virtual learning. You will have to  put in more work to become successful in this program. You will also need a great deal of support from family members and friends. You can only get approved for this course if you work in a healthcare setting that has  phlebotomist as staff in their facility or if you know a certified phlebotomist. You must have a certified phlebotomist to agree to be a proctor and mentor just for the basic hands on portion and to monitor you during quizzes and testing. They will receive an incentive for their time. Proof of their credentials will also need to be received. Family members and friends will play an important role because they will also have to sign a waiver to be test patients and help you as a student become successful.  Call for further details. The total cost for this program is $725. Payment plans available with $450 due before your start date. This program has open enrollment each month on the 15th. All forms and necessary documents have to be turned in before the program start date.

What our customers are saying

The phlebotomy training changed my life! I am now a certified phlebotomist and love what I do! I also have a personal phlebotomy coach that was with me every step of the way!

Amanda Pearson, CPT

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