What To Expect  From Our Phlebotomy Program

Prepare yourself to become one of the most skilled and educated laboratory professionals in the country. Prepare to learn every aspect of the phlebotomy laboratory profession from locating veins on healthy young adults to the more difficult stick sickle cell and cancer patients. You will also learn how to perform urine drug screens, how to centrifuge specimens, and the importance of a good quality specimen.

This phlebotomy program is an accelerated program which will also require a great deal of study time at home  as well as taking full advantage of class time in order to pass the national certification exam and become a proficient phlebotomist. 

Lab Stat Institute phlebotomy program required book is Phlebotomy Essentials 6th Edition. All material in this book will be covered in the first 4 weeks of class. The remaining 3 weeks will be strictly hands on training and reflecting back on the information learned. The last week of class will consist of a comprehensive final exam and a review packet to study in order to pass the National Certification Exam.

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